Building a Mediator

Step 1: Defining the mediator - objects

The creation of a K2MDL specification begins with an ODL description of the objects. For example, suppose we have a company phonebook, a payroll database, and a team management database, and we want to provide our users with two classes over which they can issue queries, called Person and Project. Our initial ODL specification of these two classes looks like this:

  class Person (extent People)
    attribute String name;
    attribute integer salary;

    relationship set member_of_projects
        inverse Project::team;
    relationship set manager_of_projects
        inverse Project::manager;

  class Project (extent Projects)
    attribute String name;
    attribute integer budget;

    relationship set team
        inverse Person::member_of_projects;
    relationship Person manager
        inverse Person::manager_of_projects;

Next we describe how to populate the classes.

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