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Publications of Alin Deutsch

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  • XML queries and constraints, containment and reformulation [.pdf] 
    Theoretical Computer Science vol.336 (1), May 2005 (2005)
    Alin Deutsch   Val Tannen   


  • MARS: A System for Publishing XML from Mixed and Redundant Storage [.pdf] 
    International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB) (2003)
    Alin Deutsch   Val Tannen   

  • Reformulation of XML Queries and Constraints [.pdf] 
    International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT) (2003)
    Alin Deutsch   Val Tannen   


  • Querying XML with Mixed and Redundant Storage [.pdf] 
    Technical Report MS-CIS-02-01 (2002)
    Alin Deutsch   Val Tannen   

  • An Experimental Evaluation of the MARS System [.pdf] 
    Excerpt from PhD Thesis Alin Deutsch (2002)
    Alin Deutsch   


  • Optimization Properties for Classes of Conjunctive Regular Path Queries [.pdf] 
    International Workshop on Database Programming Languages (DBPL) (2001)
    Alin Deutsch   Val Tannen   

  • Containment and Integrity Constraints for XPath Fragments [.pdf] 
    KRDB (2001)
    Alin Deutsch   Val Tannen   

  • Containment for Classes of XPath Expressions Under Integrity Constraints [abstract] 
    Technical Report MS-CIS-01-21 (2001)
    Alin Deutsch   Val Tannen   

  • Chase & Backchase: A Method for Query Optimization with Materialized Views and Integrity Constraints [.pdf] 
    Technical Report MS-CIS-01-16 (2001)
    Alin Deutsch   Lucian Popa   Val Tannen   




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