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Semistructured data and XML
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Semistructured data and XML

Executive Summary

One of the most exciting developments in database research has been the convergence of ideas from the document and database communities. In order to represent data with loosely defined or irregular structure, the semistructured data model has emerged as a dynamically typed data model that allows a "schema-less" description format in which the data is less constrained than is usual in database work. At the same time the document community has developed XML as a format in which more structure is added to documents in order to simplify and standardize the transmission of data via documents. It turns out that these two representations are essentially identical!

The Penn database group has had a long-standing involvement in semistructured data, especially in the development of query languages, structure description, constraints, and type systems. It has also been part of the development of the XML-QL proposal and has worked on other aspects of XML.

Project Members

Alin Deutsch   Hartmut Liefke   Peter Buneman   Arnaud Sahuguet   Wang-Chiew Tan   Susan Davidson   Val Tannen   


Levine Hall
3330 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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