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Archiving of Scientific Data
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Archiving of Scientific Data

Executive Summary

Many scientific databases have the properties that they are accretive (new information is added, but relatively little is deleted) and that updates to existing data are relatively infrequent. Keeping archives of such databases is essential for accuracy in scientific citation. We present an archiving system with the following properties

  • It can hold many versions in a file that is little larger the most recent version of the database
  • A specific version can be extracted by a linear scan of the this file
  • Queries, edits and updates can be performed directly on the archive
  • The system works well in tandem with XML compression to achieve further compression
  • It provides a natural representation of "object histories"
The system relies on the fact that scientific databases are typically hierarchical and have a hierarchical key structure. It can also use "diff" files when no such key is available.

Project Members

Peter Buneman   Sanjeev Khanna   Keishi Tajima   Wang-Chiew Tan   


Levine Hall
3330 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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