Provenance and Citation

  • Digital citation (Davidson, Wu): a study of citation techniques for data and software
  • PennProvenance (Ives, Davidson, Zheng, Han): managing and reconstructing provenance metadata for the sciences
  • mProv (Ives, collaborators at U Memphis, UCLA, UCSF, GA Tech): provenance management for streaming device data
  • Provenance for text (Ives, Roth, Zhang, Wu, collaborators at Facebook): tracking claims and quotes in the open web

Data Streams and Incremental Update

  • Knowledge graph management (Ives, Han, Chen): storage and incremental updates for learned knowledge graphs
  • Incremental machine learning (Davidson, Wu)
  • Programming abstractions for data streams (Alur, Ives)

Scalable Data Science

Juneau (Ives, Zhang, Zheng): data lake search to aid in interactive data science

Distributed Data Analysis