PhD Students

Soonbo Han

Graph databases

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Phillip Hilliard

Stream processing and edge computing

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Jiaming Liang

Heena Nagda


Chenyuan Wu


Peizhi Wu

Provenance in text and social media, machine learning systems

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Qizhen Zhang

Joining Microsoft Research (postdoc) and U Toronto

Cloud data processing systems and data center networks

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Yi Zhang

Joining Amazon Web Services

Data lake search, interactive data recommendation, claim provenance in text

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Master’s Students

Haitian Ren

Scientific data management and integration


Undergraduate Researchers

Peter Baile Chen

Graduating 2022

Data lake search, incremental knowledge graphs


Varun Jana

Graduated 2022

Distributed query processing

Postdoctoral Researchers

Yinjun Wu


Mohammad Javad Amiri

Decentralized data management, Fault-tolerant systems

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