PhD Students

Soonbo Han

Scalable property graph databases

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Phillip Hilliard

Stream processing, machine learning, and edge computing

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Jiaming Liang

Transformers and bridging unstructured to structured data


Heena Nagda


Jeffrey Tao

Chenyuan Wu

Adaptive blockchain systems


Peizhi Wu

Machine learning systems

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Zixuan Yi

Machine learning systems


Qizhen Zhang

(Alumnus: joined Microsoft Research (postdoc) and U Toronto)

Cloud data processing systems and data center networks

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Yi Zhang

(Alumnus: joined Amazon Web Services)

Data lake search, interactive data recommendation, claim provenance in text

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Master’s Students

Xiaofeng Wang

Scientific data management and integration


Undergraduate Researchers

Peter Baile Chen

(Alumnus: joined MIT EECS PhD program)

Data lake search, incremental knowledge graphs


Varun Jana

(Alumnus: joined Nucleus Genomics)

Distributed query processing

Postdoctoral Researchers

Yinjun Wu

Incremental machine learning


Mohammad Javad Amiri

(Alumnus: joining SUNY Stony Brook)

Decentralized data management, blockchain, fault-tolerant systems

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